Dovey's Website!

Howdy thar! I'm Dovey AKA Kitto. I ama silly guy who likes to make things. I don't really know how to code, not even HTML or CSS, but obviously i am trying to make this website so hopefully that will change soon! i can't guarantee any sort of consistent updates on this website but i will not abandon it. i am an artist (been drawing ~10 yrs) so i might put some drawings on here when i figure out how to do that. i also stream (@doveyxz on twitch) but i don't do it in any serious manner and haven't done it in a while cause my time management is real bad.. hehehe. i am hoping to learn more things, a lot of them. i like the idea of being able to make more things. maybe i will talk a bit about learning things on here. that would be fun. i really hope i can make a fun website. i get so inspired seeing all of the fun stuff on here so im really happy to be here trying to learn html. i hope i will stick with it and maybe you all can accompany me on this journey!

This website is a Work in Progress so please check back later!

Things I need to add to this here web site: